Strain Gage Transducer and Force Measurement Engineering

Generally, a transducer is a device that transforms one type of energy into another. A battery, for example, could be considered a transducer (chemical energy converted to electrical energy), as is a glass thermometer (heat energy converted into mechanical displacement of a liquid column).

Strainsert deals with a specific class of transducers called force and load transducers: devices which translate an input of mechanical energy into equivalent electrical signals, for identifying load and force measurement. They range from load pins to load bolts to load cells to tension links. Furthermore, Strainsert innovated the design of an internally gaged force transducer that can perform accurately in all types of applications ranging from common force measurement, to products for harsh environments such as space and deep in the oceans. Previously, most strain gage transducers had been externally gaged and thus vulnerable to such conditions and environments and not as useful or versatile.

Strainsert holds 16 U.S. patents for this internally gaged technology, designs standard and custom transducer products and also offers complete measurement systems, including load indicators and signal conditioners, to complement the performance of the transducers. All the force transducers Strainsert develops typically have the following:

  • The strain gage sensing elements are all bonded directly and internal to the host material.
  • All electronics are protected inside the transducer
  • All gaging is performed on a neutral axis with split gages 180 degrees apart

Strainsert has a complete staff of application and design engineers available for real-time application and design discussions with our customers.

Strainsert’s engineering team assists customers in several ways:

All of these services are a result of over forty five years of experience in the industry and repeated innovations on our products and for our customers.