Automotive Force Sensor and Load Cell Applications

AutoStrainsert load cells have been used in a variety of automotive applications for fifty years. Strainsert supports the requirements of the automotive industry in endurance testing, validation, verification and qualification. Our Automotive load cells and load pins are designed to fit a wide range of applications from component testing to full assembly.

Strainsert supplies load cells straight to the OEM and down the line to lower tier providers who use Strainsert force sensors to improve their products and processes including custom one-off sensors and special application specific designs.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Shock Force Measurement
  • Suspension Force Measurement
  • Gasket Force Monitoring
  • Head Bolt Force and Preload
  • Spring Loads
  • Brake Sensing and Force Measurement
  • Motor Mounts
  • Production Line Feedback
  • Impact Testing

As with all Strainsert force sensors, our load cells and load pins can be combined within a comprehensive force measurement system