Strainsert Company History… The Internal Strain Gage Process

In 1960, Strainsert originated the Internal Strain Gage installation process, bonding and sealing strain gages inside small holes. These internal gagings provide robust, accurate transducers which reduce sensitivity to unwanted bending, torsion and other extraneous loading conditions common in force measurement applications. These self protecting, rugged internal gagings are routinely installed in diameters as small as 0.125 inches.

Strainsert’s first internal gaging application to accurately measure bolt and stud loads, took these products from the confines of laboratories, where they have been externally gaged delicate items, out to rough industrial applications with routine success.

Flat load cells® and fatigue rated flat load cells, with similar internal gaging demonstrated not only superior ruggedness and stay-on-the-job capabilities, but also that they were insensitive to barometric and hydrostatic pressures.

Internally gaged load pins, clevis bolts, axles and shear pins also proved to be stay-on-the-job durable, providing a new concept in force transducer design and force measurement.

Today we continue to champion the industry with our knowledgeable and dedicated technical, sales, and manufacturing teams. Our goal is to provide the most responsive, accurate and efficient force measurement solutions for research, testing, weighing, and control applications. We achieve this by our innovative internal gauging techniques and an unsurpassed dedication to engineering and customer requirements.

More than forty five years later, we continue to look forward to discussing your applications and continuing to provide accurate, rugged, and dependable force transducers.