Custom Load Pins

Internally gaged Load Pins (invented by Strainsert, U.S. Patent No. 3,695,096) are designed to measure shear forces transmitted/supported through pin joints. The force sensing Load Pins allow direct, accurate, and repeatable measurements in pin joints from 1/4 diameter to over 10 diameter in almost every type of pin joint.

Strainsert offers standard Load Pin designs which exist for common applications (see our Load Pin overview page) which can be easily integrated into an application.

In addition, Strainsert specializes in the design and manufacture of custom Load Pin designs tailored for unique applications and installations.

Strainsert designs and manufactures many custom Load Pins tailored for unique applications and installations.

Our custom Load Pin design expertise lets us guide the custom design process with the customer, identify key requirements, plan out design, manufacturing, and testing stages to meet them, and  then ship the product to the customer for installation.

Strainsert developed the following tools to accurately capture the customer’s requirements and allow our application engineers to assist the customer in identifying the optimal solution for their application.

Load Pin Configurator

Convenient tool for Load Pin visualization. Quickly generate a Load Pin conceptual drawing.

Custom Load Pin Questionnaire

Comprehensive Q & A form for providing detailed Load Pin design requirements.

The Strainsert approach to custom design begins with that one-on-one consultation between our designers and the customer to ensure the best design is achieved. Strainsert quickly and efficiently develops a customer drawing that is provided to the customer for approval prior to manufacturing. This approach offers additional assurance to the customer that the Load Pin is designed to specification.

Furthermore, Strainsert offers tremendous design flexibility to accommodate both low / high measurement loads for a given pin diameter, custom loading geometries, different materials, high factors of safety, special finishes, fatigue designs, high pressure applications or other special requirements.

Load Pins or Load Bolts can be designed for extreme durability under even the most severe conditions, temperature variations, or working environments. These products have a wide range of applications, long operational life, and are currently used everywhere from common force measurements up to the most challenging cutting-edge applications including hydrostatic or submersible vehicles deep under the ocean’s surface up to interplanetary exploration. To inquire for additional information, please contact us.