Force Sensor and Load Cell Applications

Strainsert Load Cells, Load Pins, Tension Links, Bolts/Studs and other force sensors and systems are utilized in a variety of force measurement applications across a wide array of industries. The applications range from simple force measurement solutions up to such cutting edge products as the Mars rovers for NASA, the Space Shuttle launching pad and hydrostatic or submersible vehicles used deep under the ocean’s surface. In general, Strainsert load cell usage typically falls into two application categories:

Category #1: Load Cell Use for Research and Testing

In this first category, Load cell use is related to product, component, and/or system research, development and testing. The load sensors are commonly used for new hardware design testing and requirements verification, force distribution analysis, determination of operational forces, as well as overload or structural capabilities. In addition, many times the load cells are used to capture actual load and force data to fine tune or validate computer modeling and simulation tools, which are becoming more and more commonplace as a design tool for new hardware development.

Not only is load cell use dedicated to testing/evaluating new hardware designs, but the load sensing is also used for testing of existing and mature hardware designs where use is expanded to include new requirements or some type of increased scope or capacity, and additional testing is required.

Category #2: Load Cell Measurement and Control Applications

Mars RoverThe second category of usage, is not related to new or existing hardware design or testing, but is focused on product or process control applications. In these cases, the load cell products are used to control a certain force or operation to ensure a desired force is achieved either by direct monitoring or integrated into a complete feedback automated system. Alternatively, other control applications include monitoring of forces during operation to ensure certain overload or unsafe conditions, if encountered, are identified in a timely manner and the load cell systems can alert or trigger various predetermined actions or events.

Within this section are a few applications and examples where Strainsert Load Cells are used in control applications to ensure process force is achieved, or alternatively not over-ranged or exceeded.

Furthermore, Strainsert Force Measurement products also have been utilized in many general industrial applications

Typical Applications for both categories described above include:

Crane Measuring Systems, Bin Weighing, Process Feedback, Press Sensing, Injection Molding Forces, Jacking Loads, Scales, Roller Loads, Material Handling and Rigging Hardware, Fatigue Analysis, Preload Monitoring, Train Coupler Measurement, Sheave Axles, Dead End Attachments, Winch, Line Tension, Hydraulic Actuator, Sprockets, Safe Load monitoring systems, Conveyer Belts, Elevator Force Measurement, Wind Turbine, Dam Forces, Bridge Force Monitoring, Scaffolding Force Measurement and Coil Injection Drilling Forces.