Force Sensing Load Pin Accessories

Strainsert offers a wide variety of load pin accessories designed for ease of use and installation.

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Keeper Plates

Keeper plates are a common method of properly orienting and retaining the load pin in the assembly to ensure proper alignment with respect to the applied force. See the Clevis Pin Installation Instructions for further detail.


Clevis Bolt Threaded Collars

Threaded collars are a recommended approach used on clevis bolt threads to retain the load pin from axial movement. The collars have an integral fastener design that, when tightened, clamps the collar to the load pin threads. This allows simple installation and most importantly does not induce an axial force/stress in the load pin, which is common during conventional nut installation.

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Clevis Pin Bobbins

Load pin bobbins are used to position and distribute the force on the center load bearing section of the pin. They are commonly used with rope and cable installations. See the RCP/SCP Series Force Sensing Shackle Bolts for further details.

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