Standard Force Sensing Shackle Load Bolts, RCP Series

The Force Sensing shackle bolts are unique force sensors utilizing the internal strain gage transducer process developed by Strainsert and used also in their Flat Load Cells® and Tension Links. These shackle bolts offer precision force measurement and monitoring by replacing existing pins or bolts in standard Crosby anchor and chain shackles.


The Strain gages are sealed inside small axial holes within the load pin and are positioned at two locations at the shackle interfaces. In order to sense only those strains which are induced by the shear forces at these two sections, the strain gages are positioned and oriented with great precision, at a neutral plane relative to one specific direction of pin loading.

The four strain gages (two at each location) are electrically connected to form a full bridge, the signal from each strain gage being additive so that the bridge output is proportional to the sum of the loads transmitted by the shear planes of the pin. The circuit typically includes temperature compensating, signal trim (optional) and balance resistors terminating in suitable connector socket or integral cable.

Standard models include detailed calibration data up to 500,000 lbs. Higher capacity calibration data is available at an additional charge. Strainsert factory calibrations are intended to simulate installed conditions, however, it is recommended that an in-place calibration be performed to account for any installation, tolerance, and/or alignment influences affecting sensor measurement.

Some Features Include:

Easy Installation: RCP and SCP series replace standard Crosby or Skookum shackle bolts/pins respectively.

Precison Load Sensing: Complete strain gage bridge circuit bonded and sealed inside small hole along longitudinal axis of bolt, by exclusive Strainsert process.

Durability: Due to self protecting nature of strain gage installation sealed inside small holes.

Accuracy: Strainsert force sensing load or clevis bolts have combined error due to repeatibility and non-linearity of less then 1% of rated load typically.


The clevis pins or clevis bolts are extremely durable under even the most severe conditions and working environments. These products have a wide range of applications, have a long operational life. and are currently used on many installations where force measurement in a shackle application is required.

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