Calibration, Repair, Technical and Engineering Services

Strainsert’s product services go hand in hand with the designing and manufacturing of our internally gaged force transducer products.

Strainsert understands the importance of, and takes pride in, ensuring the customer is satisfied and productive using our products.


Strainsert’s calibration facilities enable Strainsert to certify all our manufactured products at our manufacturing site up to a 500,000 pound capacity. All Strainsert force measurements are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and are performed by a highly-trained and experienced staff in a controlled environment.

Calibration Certificate Lookup

Strainsert provides the ability to look up existing sensor calibration certificate reports at any time using our online system. Customers complete a one-time registration process and can review & download their certificate reports.


Strainsert offers a unique repair service for all of its manufactured products. The service focuses on periodic recalibration, damage repairs, and our very strong post-shipment technical and engineering support process.

Technical Support:

Strainsert’s technical support staff assist customers in resolving questions ranging from product selection, to installation, to orientation, to recalibration due to changing requirements, to performance for different conditions.


In addition to design support, Strainsert’s experienced engineers offer services such as calibration and repair, support, assistance with standards compliance, data reduction, reporting and analysis, destructive and non-destructive testing.

Certification/Standards Adherence:

Strainsert supports our customer in adherence and compliance with multiple technical certifications when required including NASA-STD-8739.3, the ANSI/J-STD-001 and the SAE AS9102 standards among others.