Load Cell Manufacturer

For over six decades, Strainsert has pioneered the force sensor industry as a premier load cell manufacturer. Our patented load cell designs are made possible by innovative internal gaging process and an unsurpassed dedication to engineering and customer requirements. For a product overview description, visit our Applications section.

Today we continue to champion the industry with our technical, sales, and manufacturing teams. Our goal is to provide the most responsive, accurate, efficient force measurement solutions for research, testing, weighing, and control applications.

Further, we understand the importance of each one of our customer’s applications and hold quality manufacturing as our highest priority. Our in-house design and production allows rapid prototyping, soldering in accordance with industry standards, and design flexibility, while our NIST traceable calibration facility provides the capability for special proof/overload testing as well as a final force calibration on all products. Finally, Strainsert offers a two year warranty on all Strainsert manufactured products, twice the typical industry standard.

Our products are used continually in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and many other industrial applications. The applications range from simple force measurement solutions up to such cutting edge products as NASA’s Mars rover expeditions, the Space Shuttle launching pad and hydrostatic or submersible vehicles used deep under the ocean’s surface.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to provide accurate, rugged, and dependable force transducers.

Internal Gaging Process:

Strainsert transducers utilize a patented internal strain gage installation process where foil strain gages are bonded and sealed inside small holes in the transducer. Along with the gages all circuitry, wires, solder joints, cements, etc. are enclosed inside the transducer metal body not to be disturbed by environment, rough installation, or years of demanding service. In addition, all transducer metals are stainless or plated alloy steel with proven corrosion resistant properties.

Durability Overview

Accuracy in Harsh Conditions

  • All components internal to host material
  • Survivable in harsh field applications
  • Durable for rough installation/removal
  • Wide operational temperature ranges
  • Hydrostatic/submersible applications available

Accuracy Overview