Digital Weight Force Indicators

The 3550-NEMA 5 digital weight indicator’s advanced electronics and simple interface make it easy to set up and operate. It is designed to perform effectively in tough environments.

The 3550 features an oversized display (1.2″ high LEDs) which can be read more then fifty feet away.

The rugged stainless steel NEMA 4 enclosure is washdown safe for use in industrial and marine environments.


Standard features include a peak capture function for stress analysis, RS-232 input and output, two programmable set-points, a built-in surge protection which ensures dependable operation and the capability to drive up to eight 350 ohm load cells.

The readout system is fully contained in a stainless steel case that is both rugged and durable.

Optional features include the following: 6V rechargable battery with a 130 hour charge, two internal 10 amp relays, internal summing board, and an infrared remote controller.


These load indicators can also be combined with other Strainsert components into a fully comprehensive force measurement system. Please request information on or have an application engineer give you a call us using the contact form link to the right. Strainsert looks forward to assisting you.

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