Load Pin Optional Features

Strainsert offers a variety of load pin design options to fully optimize the force measurement solution.

Digital Strain Gage Module (DCell)

DSC-DCellDigital Strain Gage Modules (DCell) are compact, high-performance strain gage digital signal conditioner modules. They are aimed at applications which require high measurement accuracy, resolution, and stability.

Analog 4 to 20 mA Strain Gage Module

4-20mAThe Strainsert 2-wire Loop Powered 4 to 20 mA Strain Gage Modules are specially designed, compact, high-performance strain gage analog signal conditioner modules. They are aimed at 350 Ohm sensor applications which require high measurement accuracy, resolution, and stability.

Bi-Axial Load Pins

Bi-Axial Load Pins are designed for applications that measure a radially applied force (Pr) where the load direction is unknown and/or changing in direction. This is facilitated by the installation of 2 perpendicular strain gage bridges (Px and Py), instrumentation, and geometric calculations.

Load Pins for Sheave Applications

Load Pins are designed into sheave applications for measuring line tension. Sheaves are designed  with either a variable or constant wrap angle. For the variable wrap angle case, two strain gage bridges are installed perpendicularly (Px and Py). For the constant wrap angle case, one strain gage bridge is installed along the primary (sensing) axis of force (P).

Dual Bridge Load Pins

Dual Bridge Load PinDual Bridge Clevis Pins provide two independent strain gage circuits. Dual Bridge transducers may use both bridges for simultaneous control and measurement or use a single bridge for measurement with the other bridge reserved as a spare.

Deep Sea Clevis Pin System

Deep SeaThe Strainsert deep sea/high pressure Clevis Pin provides the ability to measure force at clevis joints under high pressure conditions. Complete systems are available, and include the instrumented Clevis Pin, cabling, and a digital display indicator.

Specification Detail

  • Output – 4-20 ma Loop Power or mv/V
  • Input – 13 to 28V dc (4-20 ma Systems), 10V max excitation (mv/V Output)
  • Non-Repeatability – ±0.15% F.S.O (Nom.)
  • Non-Linearity – ±0.50% F.S.O (Nom.)
  • Operating Temperature – 15 degrees F to 150 degrees F
  • Storage Temperature – -40 degrees F to 160 degrees F
  • Receptacle – Burton 55 Series (316 Stainless), Brantner or Customer Specified
  • Cable Assembly – High Pressure, Marine (Lengths as Required)
  • Pin Material – Monel, or 17-4 Stainless (Passivated, or other)


  • Off-Shore Platform Crane, Winch Hook and Sheave Attachments
  • Deep Sea Excavation and Trenching Systems
  • Marine Research and Development
  • Research and Development
  • Towline Monitoring
  • Mooring Lines


  • Uni-Axial, Bi-Axial (Shown above) and Dual Bridge Force Sensing
  • Integral Signal Conditioning


  • System Calibration (5 Steps 2 Runs)
  • 1500 psi Standard Rating
  • Internal Strain Gaging
  • Indicator Capabilities
  • Custom Fit
  • 2 Year Warranty

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