Calibration Certificate Lookup Tool

Strainsert’s calibration facilities enable Strainsert to certify all our manufactured products at our manufacturing site up to a 500,000 pound capacity. All Strainsert force calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and are performed by a highly-trained and experienced staff in a controlled environment.

Standard Strainsert Calibrations:

All of Strainsert’s standard calibration procedures result in a calibration certificate that includes the product model and serial number, rated capacity, test load(s) applied, output sensitivity recorded at each test load, and a statement certifying traceability of the measurements.

Strainsert now offers an online lookup tool to review and download your company’s completed force sensor calibration certificate reports. These reports are only available to the customer who owns the force sensor the calibration was completed on.

How To Use The Lookup Tool:                                                      

First Time Users:

To use the lookup tool, a customer must register to create an account. Click the Lookup Certificate button below to complete the account registration and create your unique login credentials.

We strongly encourage users to use their company email address when registering to facilitate quick and secure access. 

Registered Users:

Click the Lookup Certificate button below and login to your existing customer account.

Each force sensor is assigned a specific serial number, typically located on the sensor as well as the sensor calibration certificate report. Input the serial number of your force sensor in the text field and click Submit.

A listing of the relevant customer calibration certificate reports will be displayed for your review/download according to the calibration type.

Lookup Certificate