Force Sensor Warranty Information

The Two Year Guarantee

Strainsert force sensor products are guaranteed for a period of two years, after shipment to original purchaser, against any malfunction due to defects in materials or workmanship

Strainsert Company is not liable for consequential or contingent damages and its liability is strictly limited to the original purchase price of the product or its repair or replacement at Strainsert’s option.

Strainsert Company will repair or replace under warranty, and return standard ground transportation prepaid, provided that:

  • Full explanation of malfunction or defect is transmitted in writing to Strainsert Company; together with, if possible, application or short history of product use.
  • Authorization to return product is obtained from Strainsert Company.
  • Product is sent to Strainsert Company, 12 Union Hill Road, West Conshohocken, PA 19428, prepaid, properly packaged and insured at full value.
  • Factory inspection and investigation discloses that malfunction or defect developed or appeared during normal and proper usage of product.
  • This warranty is null and void in the event repairs or modifications are made by persons unauthorized by Strainsert Company.


  1. To initiate warranty repair work, ALL above conditions must be complied with fully.
  2. For beyond warranty repair work, the same conditions apply.
  3. Non-warranty repair work performed will be guaranteed for a six month period.
  4. Calibration and/or investigation charges may apply when Strainsert products returned for warranty repair prove to be free of defect, and the problem lies in systems, components, circuits, test set-ups, etc., for which Strainsert has no responsibility.
  5. For some special systems, Strainsert may utilize other manufacturers products. In these cases, the original equipment manufacturers warranty will apply.