Load Cell Repair

Strainsert offers a unique force sensor repair service for all of its manufactured products, including load cell repair. The service focuses on periodic recalibration, damage repairs, warranty work and our very strong post-shipment technical and engineering support process. This is one of the services we offer to enhance the strong performance of the strain gage transducers.


Recalibration Service:

Recalibration of strain gage transducers is important due to many different factors, including compliance with NIST standards that call for annual recalibrations to insure continued performance and safety and/or if the application requirements change. Strainsert offers recalibration as a service to their customers and endorses several important priorities:

  • A focus on a quick turnaround
  • An understanding downtime can impact production or testing
  • An emphasis on maintaining performance confidence

Strainsert knows our customers need these force transducers back in working order as soon as possible and that, in some cases, they may have to halt production or shift resources to another facet of the process while the recalibration is completed. Strainsert takes great pride in achieving the recalibration quickly and accurately so those issues can be minimized and our customers value our services and utilize our strain gage transducers in appropriate ways.

In addition, if the application requirements do change and recalibration is necessary, Strainsert can recalibrate the transducer to the optimal specifications.

Damage Repair Service:

If the strain gage transducer is damaged, Strainsert will repair it for our customers correctly, according to our two year warranty if applicable, recalibrate the transducer if necessary to whatever specifications needed and turn it around quickly.

Strainsert’s process is to analyze the transducer damage, respond to the client with a prompt price and delivery estimate, proceed with the repairs and deliver the transducer to the customer directly. As the manufacturer of the strain gage transducers, Strainsert has all the parts or components needed for repairs in stock and will not need to use any third parties or external technicians to get the job done right.

Strainsert also offers our unique post-shipment technical and engineering support. Once our customer receives the repaired transducer, they can contact us if they need additional installation assistance or questions about what was done to repair the transducer and how to best use it from this point forward. Strainsert also offers a two year warranty on all Strainsert manufactured products, twice the typical industry standard.