PLND4 Single-Channel Portable Load Indicators

The Model PLND4 Single Channel Load Indicator is a portable battery powered 4 1/2 digit load indicator made for use with any full bridge. Indication is direct. No multipliers are required, thus avoiding ambigious readings. Resolution from 1 pound to 10000 pounds depending on the load capacity of the transducer. Alternate display units are available. Operation is extremely simple. For normal use only two controls are involved: Turn on the power switch, set no load balance or tare reading to zero, and begin reading applied loads.


A calibration check function is included to provide a quick test of the transducer and instrument integrity.

The readout system is fully contained in an aluminum alloy case that is both rugged and durable.

Power is provided by a set of rechargable batteries. Batteries and a recharger, with 110 or 220 Vac power cord, are included within the housing. A detachable power cord is included for recharging.

Battery power allows complete freedom of use and provides 10-15 hours of continous usage depending on transducer resistance. A ratiometric measuring technique prevents battery decay from degrading system accuracy.

When battery voltage has decreased below a functional level, a visual display (flashing “:”) signals that recharging is needed.


These portable battery powered load indicators can also be combined with other Strainsert components into a fully comprehensive force measurement system. Please request information on or have an application engineer give you a call us using the contact form link to the right. Strainsert looks forward to assisting you.

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