Load Cells

Strainsert has been designing and manufacturing precision Load Cells for nearly half a century. The load cells are instrumented with the same proprietary unique strain gaging technique perfected by Strainsert and used so successfully in Strainsert Bolts, Load Pins, and Tension Links for many research, testing and control applications.

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Universal Load Cells

Strainsert standard Universal Load Cells are offered in a wide force measurement range from 250 up to 2 million pounds. They are designed to measure forces in both tension and compression directions.

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Compression Load Cells

Compression Load Cells are also offered in a wide force measurement range from 250 up to 2.5 million pounds. These load cells are designed to measure forces in the compression direction in many common aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

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Metric Universal Load Cells

The Metric Universal Load Cells are simply Universal Load Cells designed for tension/compression force measurements, with the difference being they are designed to interface with metric loading rods/hardware and they are calibrated in SI units.

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Fatigue Rated Universal Load Cells

The Fatigue Rated Load Cells are similar to the Universal Load Cell Models and are designed for fatigue measurement/control applications in both tension, and or tension/compression directions. The load cells possess very low deflection, high natural frequencies, and a One Billion cycles Fatigue rating!

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Standard Load Cell Accessories

Strainsert offers a variety of load cell accessories designed for ease of load cell installation and use, including; mounting bases for interfacing the load cell with various loading rods, spherical load buttons for compression loading on Universal Load Cells, and Compression Load buttons for use with Compression Load cells.

Standard Load Cell Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are available to ensure proper installation and operation of Universal, Fatigue Rated, and Compression Load Cell Models.

Load Cell Technical Information

Flat Load Cell Technical information is listed including mechanical properties (deflections, frequencies, etc) and Extraneous Loading Capabilities