Custom Solutions

For over sixty years, Strainsert has designed and developed many custom strain gage transducers and systems to address specific and unique customer requirements. Our manufacturing experience allows us to internally engineer solutions and test/certify the products according to specifications. Please utilize our custom load pin configurator to input nominal design parameters, determine application feasibility and generate conceptual load pin designs/drawings quickly. Our load cell and clevis pin design expertise lets us guide the custom design process with the customer, identify the requirements, plan out stages to meet them, test and then ship the product to the customer for installation.

For example, Strainsert earned a special achievement award from NASA’s Capsule Parachute Assembly System (CPAS) team for vital assistance in conceiving, designing and testing custom force sensors used in the successful CPAS-EDU-CDT-3-16 airdrop test. Read More

Some examples of custom force transducers include:

  • Custom Load Cells
  • Miniature Load Cells
  • Load Pins from 1/4″ to 12″ diameter
  • Hydrostatic Flat Load Cells and Pins
  • Chain Tension Sensors
  • Load Cell Indicators
  • Tension and Compression Fasteners
  • Compression Spacers
  • Instrumented Swaybraces
  • Custom Force Measurement Systems
  • Shackle Pin Weighing Systems

These were all ideas that derived from customer needs and Strainsert is proud we designed and developed successful solutions that matched those needs and helped our customers be more productive and innovative in their particular industries. We stand ready to assist your company as well. See below for pictures of some examples of our custom work.

Please review our custom design process for details on how we work on custom projects. This process has a remarkable track record of success.

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