Standard Internally Gaged Studs (Steel Alloy), ST Series

Strainsert fasteners utilize an exclusive internal gaging method (U.S. Patent #2,873,341) to indicate stud tension due to preload and subsequent service loads with strain gage accuracy. Fasteners provide a means for accurate, independent inspection of an assembled stud for preload, thereby enhancing the structural integrity and reliability of both the stud and the assembly.

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Strainsert ST Series Studs employ an exclusive internal gaging technique* to detect the loads induced in them. This technique consists of the installation of foil type strain gages inside a small hole drilled along the longitudinal axis of the stud. This is far superior to the usual external gage installations both in mechanical and environmental ruggedness. Furthermore, a neatly miniaturized packaging is achieved by using the stud itself to protect and seal the strain gage circuit. Still, this arrangement compares very favorably with the best external gage installations in accuracy and stability.

Strainsert studs, along with other internally gaged fasteners, were the first to provide the means for direct, accurate, and independent inspection of assembled structures under simulated or actual service conditions. Vibration and shock loads, as well as static loads, on such assemblies can be easily measured to determine their structural reliability and integrity.

The ST studs can also be used as inexpensive force transducers in many instances.

  1. Type C – Screw type miniature connector, requires mating cable assembly
  2. Type H – Multi-pin header for soldered lead wire connections
  3. Type W – Factory installed cable

Over 90 different Strainsert ST series studs are stocked, ready for gaging.
*U.S. Patent #2,873,341

Some Features Include:

  • Accurately Senses Loads Induced in Studs
  • Detects Overloads in Assembled Equipment
  • Inexpensive Force Link Transducer


These Force Sensing Studs are available from 1/4″ diameter up to 1″ diameter in many different length configurations. They are 125 KSI steel and can be used in many different types of force measurement apllications where studs are used. They can also be used as a simple load or force tension link.

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