Marine Load Cell Applications

Our load cells, load pins and other force sensors are used in many off-shore Marine applications and we have proven designs and materials when required for operation in a Marine environment including hydrostatic or submersible vehicles used deep under the ocean’s surface. Strainsert has developed a specialized Deep Sea Load Pin for high pressure environment of the oceans.

Strainsert combines our considerable design capabilities with our experience in harsh environments to address the measurement needs of the marine industry. We are a main supplier of submersible or underwater load cells, load pins and other force sensors for many companies and institutions around the world.

Our force sensors are used to measure:

  • Oil Exploration & Drilling
  • Line Tensioning
  • Anchoring loads
  • Towing Loads & Forces
  • Underwater Cable Monitoring
  • Hoist Loads
  • Platform Retention
  • Underwater Vehicles and Vehicle Recovery
  • Mooring Loads & Systems
  • Dry-dock hoist systems
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Buoy Force Measurement
  • Dam Force Measurement

Our sensors can be designed as fully submersible and operate in a wide range of harsh, challenging environments.

Calibration & Traceability

Strainsert’s calibration facilities enable Strainsert to certify all our manufactured products at our manufacturing site up to a 500,000 pound capacity. All Strainsert force measurements are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and are performed by a highly-trained and experienced staff in a controlled environment.


The design of Strainsert marine load cells allows them to be incorporated into many shapes or configurations. The outside geometry may be machined to square, rectangular, circular or many other sections or shapes required by the application.