Compression Load Cells

Compression Load Cells are offered in a wide force measurement range from 250 up to 2.5 million pounds. These load cells are designed to measure forces in the compression direction in many common aerospace, automotive, marine, military and industrial applications.

Strainsert compression load cells are superior due to enhanced accuracy, have a long design life and can be used either individually or in sets.


The structure of the load cell is simple and compact, consisting of an inner loading hub and an outer supporting flange bridged smoothly by a uniformly continuous solid shear web avoiding structural stress risers. Strainsert gages are installed and sealed inside small gage holes along the neutral axis of the web. Low deflection and high natural frequency of the load cell are thus obtained. Mechanical and dynamic properties of load cells are fully tabulated.

See the general load cell page for product information and specifications.

Some Features Include:

  • Precison Load Sensing
  • Capacities from 250 to 2,500,000 lbs.
  • Sealed Strain Gages
  • Pressure Compensating
  • Rugged and Compact
  • Dual and Single Bridge Options
  • Counterbored Mounting Holes
  • High Static Overload
  • Low Deflection
  • 2-mv/V or 3-mv/V Output (Nominal)

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Compression Load Cells can be utilized in a wide variety of applications in many different industries.

Some Applications Include:

  • Gas Turbine Engine/Rocket
  • Engine Thrust Measurement
  • Bin Weighing
  • Process Control Systems
  • Landing Gear Structural Testing
  • Test Standards
  • Hoist/Crane
  • Wing/Fatigue Testing
  • Bridge Testing

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