Military Force Sensor and Load Cell Applications

Strainsert load cells have been successfully used to support many military hardware developments and control programs in a large variety of applications.

There is overlap between the aerospace and defense load cell applications, but many are unique and challenging force sensing requirements where Strainsert application engineers worked closely with the customer to determine the optimal force measurement solution.

For example, load cells are used to measure the thrust or force generated by a rocket engine during a static test. There a variety of different load cells types manufactured by Strainsert and we will work with the customer to identify the optimal solution. The load cell can be mounted in a variety of locations and configurations so the testing process provides comprehensive and accurate data.

Also all the applications listed below can be measured using Strainsert load cells that are calibrated in place and part of a larger force measurement system.

Typical Military Applications Include:

Armament Suspension and Release Forces, Rocket reaction forces, sway brace and suspension/bomb lug forces, store ejection force, tank hardware attachments, gun-mount loading, recoil loads, Parachute Pin Loads for heavy vehicle deployment, underwater towing packages, winch and lifting forces, thrust vector engine measurement, and Impact Testing, to name a few.