Load Pins

The load sensing clevis pin or bolt is a unique strain gage transducer developed by Strainsert. It utilizes the internal strain gage process perfected by Strainsert during the last forty years and used so successfully in Strainsert bolts and flat load cells. The force sensing clevis pin offers percision force measurement by simply replacing existing shear pins, clevis pins, shear axles or many other type of pinned joints used by the Aerospace, Automotive, Military and Marine industries.

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New Load Pin Optional Features

Strainsert now offers two load pin optional features: the Analog 4-20 mA Strain Gage Module and the DSC (DCell) Digital Strain Gage Module; both of which are mounted inside a […]

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DCell Digital Strain Gage Module

New Force Sensing Instruments

Strainsert now offers two new force sensing instruments: the Digital Strain Gage Module (DSC) and the Strain Gage Module (DSC-USB). As a premier manufacturer of standard and custom force sensors […]

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New Wireless Force Sensors

Strainsert now offers two new wireless force sensor products for accurate, efficient and fast force measurement readings where wired installations are difficult, cost prohibitive or undesirable. The two wireless force […]

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Load Pin Quick Start Guide

Strainsert provides the following Load Pin Quick Start Guide to assist engineers in setting up and installing our load pins in their applications. Start with all the required items at […]

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Develop Load Pin Design Drawings Quickly

Strainsert offers a custom Load Pin configurator to allow engineers and designers to input nominal design parameters to determine application feasibility and generate conceptual load pin designs/drawings quickly and effectively. […]

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