Force Measurement Trends

May 4, 2022

As Strainsert continues to meet the significant demand for our force measurement products and services for research, testing, weighing and control applications, we also hear from clients about the obstacles and problems they are trying to overcome. We are a custom solutions manufacturer and solving problems for clients is something we do every day.

As we look ahead, we wanted to share the common issues companies in the aerospace, military, marine and automotive industries, are looking for and finding solutions for from Strainsert. Some of these force measurement trends are not new and we’ve been developing solutions for years, but others derive from the current supply chain and global trade headwinds we are all facing.

Better Integration of Internal Strain Gages

One clear trend is innovation to better integrate internal strain gages not only into load pins, load cells and other force sensors, but directly into the client’s products for even better reliability, accuracy and durability. One of the best ways force sensor manufacturers satisfy OEM solution and cost requirements comes from innovation in strain gages since the strain gage is the critical piece of any measurement device. Strainsert designs and manufactures custom strain gages when a unique solution is part of the design requirements. Contact us to discuss specifications.

Enhanced Wireless Force Measurement Solutions

Another trend that continues to gain steam is the increasing need for wireless force measurement solutions. Wireless systems are in demand because they simplify the integration process, eliminate cabling and facilitate a working environment that can be cleaner and safer. Wireless communication is also playing a major role in advanced manufacturing and smart products. By connecting systems wirelessly, users can monitor testing and in OEM applications, review the health of a system, from a central point. This includes for components used in the field, underwater or via remote locations for assembly and test.

Strainsert offers a wide range of wireless force sensor products, including the T24 wireless load cell system, our wireless load pin sensor and multiple digital indicator and signal conditioner instruments for applications that require high measurement accuracy, resolution, repeatability and stability.

Faster Repair and Calibration Services

A famous person once said, time is money. That is true and time is also opportunity. Strainsert works very hard to meet the specifications and exceed the expectations of our clients as quickly as possible. Repair and calibration services are necessary and important, but they do require the sensors to be removed from usage and any delays do not help. Strainsert recommends annual calibration services to ensure the force measurement products are performing as designed.

As part of our commitment to customers, Strainsert works hard to stick to our one to two week turnaround for repairs and calibrations. We also provide an expedited service when necessary for emergency or other urgent situations. As the amount of repairs and calibrations increase, we are adding capacity and continue to invest in ways to streamline and improve every part of the process.

Complete Force Measurement Systems

Complete force measurement systems have always been in demand, but now Strainsert can offer them in both wired and wireless formats. Customers continue to appreciate having the ability to get standard and custom force sensors on their own, but being able to secure the whole package together makes efficiency sense for many companies. Strainsert has provided these systems for many years, but the newer wireless version is quite popular.  Our force measurement systems include advanced instrumentation, accessories, sensors and unique housing.

Strainsert engineers coordinate with customers on the specifications and application so the complete systems are fully customized. These systems can be utilized in a wide range of different environments and under varying conditions.

Technology continues to press forward rapidly. Our customers need to meet ever changing deadlines and challenges. Strainsert sensors and complete systems provide reliable and accurate data for applications within the Aerospace, Marine, Military, Automotive and Mining industries. Please contact us to schedule a consultation