Force Sensor Performance

Defining Your Force Sensor Application

Before selecting and buying a load pin, load cell or other force sensor, Strainsert recommends identifying and defining your force sensor application and operating environment. First, make sure you have […]

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Custom Force Sensor Design Process

Strainsert is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom force sensors and has developed a proven custom force sensor design process. Throughout our 60+ years of manufacturing wireless force sensors, […]

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Custom Force Sensor

Force Measurement Trends

As Strainsert continues to meet the significant demand for our force measurement products and services for research, testing, weighing and control applications, we also hear from clients about the obstacles […]

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Force Sensor Manufacturer

Benefits of Force Sensing Fasteners

Strainsert force sensing fasteners, bolts and studs utilize a patented internal gaging method to indicate bolt tension due to preload with strain gage accuracy. Fasteners provide a means for accurate, […]

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Advantages of Submersible Load Cells

The challenges inherent in reliably measuring force under water are considerable. Underwater or submersible load cells must be able to perform in a severe environment of high pressure, extreme temperatures, […]

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