Benefits of the Custom Load Pin Configurator

August 12, 2021

Typically, standard load pins fail for two reasons, either they are too large for the space, causing friction and disruption, or they don’t receive the proper force in the space which reduces the function of the pin. Using a custom load pin configurator can resolve these issues and creates a load pin designed specific for your project and application requirements.

Using a custom load pin configurator allows engineers and designers to input parameters to quickly yield results to create a conceptual load pin design along with a drawing. These drawings can be finalized and submitted, allowing for the creation of a custom load pin that suits your needs.

All finalized designs/drawings will be completed and formalized by Strainsert.

For custom load pin designs outside of typical parameters, please contact Strainsert to discuss your load pin application as the configurator is optimized for common applications. If a more intricate design is required, Strainsert can provide additional technical support based on their vast design and manufacturing experience.

Standard Load Pins Vs. Custom Load Pins

Standard load pins are a good general option because they are easy to obtain, typically found in stock when needed, and can fit a range of needs and applications. Depending on your application, a standard load pin may be suitable, but there are plenty of projects when a standard load pin needs to be modified to complete the job fully and provide both the necessary fit and function.

Custom load pins are specific to the application, meaning there’s less need for modification and it’s better suited for your projects. This is a necessary alternative to standard load pins because you will save time and get better fit and function using a load pin that’s been designed for the specific application. Using a custom load pin configurator will help you resolve issues like friction, system disruption, and poor function by creating a one of a kind load pin.

Benefits of Using the Custom Load Pin Configurator

The general benefits of using a custom load pin configurator are that you receive a load pin that suits your project’s needs and the pin no longer requires modification, giving you the perfect fit for the application. The following are more specific benefits of using a custom load pin configurator, highlighting how the configurator can be useful to your field of work or your unique project.

Tailored to your Specific Needs

Our specific custom load pin configurator has been utilized for a wide range of applications  including:

●     Marine application with marine towing monitors

●     Aircraft components

●     Automotive systems tests

●     Crane and hoist controls

●     Joints with rotating members

The custom load pin configurator uses inputted measurements and specific questionnaires to deliver a load pin specific to the project, providing a range of load pins that go far beyond the standard pins on the market.

Unique Custom Design Process

The process of using the custom load pin configurator is to work through a load pin questionnaire that goes into the specific requirements the pin needs to fulfill. These questions highlight where standard pins are failing and work to increase fit and function.

Questions cover the following information:

●     Forces applied to the pin

●     Load configuration

●     Pin layout

●     Unique design features

●     Electric requirements

●     Environment specifics

●     Specialized needs

Using the custom load pin configurator may take a little more time upfront, but saves tons of time and cost during the project since the custom pin is designed to fit your unique application.

Choosing to work with the custom load pin configurator saves time in the long run, as you work through the process once and the results provide a specific pin for each project moving forward. It is  the best way to create your own new standard pin for those projects that require it, over modifying a market standard pin every time you need one.

Please contact us to answer any questions or utilize our configurator now for your application.