Advantages of Submersible Load Cells

February 18, 2022

The challenges inherent in reliably measuring force under water are considerable. Underwater or submersible load cells must be able to perform in a severe environment of high pressure, extreme temperatures, and more.

Submersible load cells are designed specifically to meet these challenges and to ensure reliability and consistency in even the most extreme marine circumstances.

Outstanding Durability

Whether submersible load cells are used in oil and gas exploration, offshore platform cranes, towline monitors, deep sea excavations, or other marine applications, they are purpose-built for durability. Submersible load cells are elegantly designed to be simple, rugged, and compact, and they typically provide years of trouble-free operation.

Consistent Quality

Advanced manufacturing techniques produce a consistent level of quality that has made the use of load cells common in marine, military, automotive, and aerospace applications. Wherever precision force measurements are required, load cells can serve as dependable solutions that perform repeatedly without degradations in quality.

Repeatable Results

Since the installation and maintenance of underwater or submersible load cells may present logistical challenges, their accuracy and dependability are of the utmost importance to minimize potential disruptions. With precision load sensing, low sensitivity to extraneous loads, pressure compensation, low deflection, and other targeted innovations, submersible load cells are equipped to provide accurate, repeatable results under a variety of conditions.

Customizable Versatility

The practical applications for submersible load cells are virtually unlimited. With the right designs and customizations, they can be used for research, testing, measurement, control, safety enhancement, and more. For example, a deep-sea clevis pin system can be used to measure the force at clevis joints under high pressure conditions.

Wireless Signal Conditioner Modules

Strainsert’s Digital Strain Gage Modules (DSC) are compact, high-performance strain gage digital signal conditioner modules that can be used in marine applications.

They are aimed at applications which require high measurement accuracy, resolution, and stability.

The DSC can be mounted in several ways, including standard or custom enclosures.

Software tools are included for quick and convenient interfacing with device configuration, calibration, datalogging, and recording. A standard Windows DLL is provided for creating custom applications.

When your situation demands durable quality that consistently produces repeatable results in a marine environment, choosing the right equipment—and the right partners—is essential. Depending on your specifications, Strainsert can customize a submersible load cell solution and also combine the load cell with other components to create the optimal force measurement system for your project.

For more information on submersible load cells, our wide range of products and custom solutions, and how we can help your project succeed, contact us for an expert consultation.