Develop Load Pin Design Drawings Quickly

June 11, 2020

Strainsert offers a custom Load Pin configurator to allow engineers and designers to input nominal design parameters to determine application feasibility and generate conceptual load pin designs/drawings quickly and effectively.

All finalized designs/drawings will be completed and formalized by Strainsert.

For custom load pin designs outside of typical parameters, please contact Strainsert to discuss your load pin application as the configurator is optimized for common applications. If a more intricate design is required, Strainsert can provide additional technical support based on their vast design and manufacturing experience.

The Strainsert Company provides both standard and custom load pins for many industries, including Military, Marine, Automotive and Aerospace. Utilizing their patented internal strain gage process perfected during the last fifty years, the load pins offer superior force measurement by simply replacing existing shear pins, clevis pins, shear axles or many other type of pinned joints.

The load pins have a wide range of applications, provide a long operational life and are currently used on simple force measurement solutions up to such cutting edge projects as the Mars Exploration Rover Mission for NASA, the Space Shuttle launching pad and hydrostatic or submersible vehicles deep under the ocean’s surface.