Wireless Load Pin Sensor, CW Model

Strainsert’s 900 MHz wireless force sensors incorporate a fully embedded factory programmable radio which eliminates the need for cable runs giving the user greater flexibility and reliability while reducing installation time and maintenance as well as outstanding battery life (>6 months) and transmission distances up to 3000-ft line of sight.

Strainsert offers the wireless sensor in a single, dual bridge, or bi-axial configurations.

Strainsert provides an easy to use software application which makes it simple for the user to be up and operating within minutes.  All Strainsert wireless sensors are uniquely identified, factory programmed and calibrated. The Strainsert software is programmed to automatically recognize the sensor with entry of the sensor serial number.

The software application has the capability to display up to 5 single, dual bridge, or bi-axial sensors.  The application also features the capability to select display units, set and detect overload/under load conditions, peak and valley load conditions, sensor diagnostics, and data logging. A PC or laptop running Windows XP or greater is required.

Additionally, an in-place calibration capability allows the user to perform a field calibration when necessary.  Factory defaults enable the user to reset to the factory calibration without the need to reprogram or return to the factory.


  • Auto-sleep Mode (enable long battery life) – turns off when application closes
  • Exceptional Battery Life: 5,000 hours continuous without battery replacement
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 3000-ft line of sight
  • Indoor / Outdoor Applications – IP66/IP67 Environments
  • Field Adjustable Calibration
  • Easy to install User Friendly Software
  • Two Year Factory Warranty

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