Wireless Load Cell Transmitter/Receiver, J-Unit1 Model

Strainsert’s 900 MHz wireless load cell receiver/transmitter incorporates a fully embedded factory programmable radio for usage with most new or field existing Strainsert full bridge 350 Ohms force sensors. The J-Unit1 offers outstanding battery life (>6 months) and transmission distances up to 3000-ft line of sight.

The J-Unit1 can be configured for use with most new or field existing Strainsert full bridge 350 Ohms force sensors.  This includes most single bridge, dual bridge, or bi-axial sensors.

Strainsert provides an easy to use software application which makes it simple for the user to be up and operating within minutes.  The J-Unit1 is factory calibrated and programmed with a unique serial number which matches the sensor. The Strainsert software is programmed to automatically recognize the J-Unit1 with entry of the serial number.

The software application has the capability to display up to 5 single, dual bridge, or bi-axial sensors.  The application also features the capability to select display units, set and detect overload/under load conditions, peak and valley load conditions, sensor diagnostics, and data logging. A PC or laptop running Windows XP or greater is required.

Additionally, an in-place calibration capability allows the user to perform a field calibration when necessary.  Factory defaults enable the user to reset to the factory calibration without the need to reprogram or return to the factory.


  • Auto-Sleep Mode (enable long battery life) – turns off when application closes
  • Exceptional Battery Life: 5,000 hours continuous without battery replacement
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 3000-ft line of sight
  • Indoor / Outdoor Applications
  • Field Adjustable Calibration
  • Easy to Install User Friendly Software
  • Two Year Factory Warranty

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